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How going digital can help your business


The tech industry is riding on a wave of optimism, as research shows that investment in new technology is growing at its fastest rate since 2006. Business leaders are focused on growth, rather than on cost reductions and improving business efficiencies. For businesses large and small, this is about expanding into different markets and exploring new opportunities. Businesses are confident and ambitious: 30% of businesses plan to enter new markets in the next 12 months, and 64% within the next two years.

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If Hybrid is the Holy Grail of IT, we must look beyond the Clouds


Golf clubs, cars and IT rarely get talked about in the same sentence outside a board meeting, but surprisingly they have one thing in common: they all come in hybrid form. All combine different features to create a single, better product with improved performance. And all are created from designs based on technology innovation.

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Spring clean your network: ten key priorities


“Spring brings a boost of energy which we often put to cleaning, but new research shows we can use this energy to improve other areas of our lives too” says Queen of Clean Aggie Mackenzie, of Kim and Aggie fame. She recommends we use this lighter, brighter time of year to chase away the dust and get rid of whatever we don’t use. Her wise words are apt when it comes to our corporate networks. Overloaded, tangled, inefficient networks inhibit business growth, restrict innovation and impact customer satisfaction, but they’re an unfortunate sign of the times:

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Rationalise to Economise


Thoughts are turning to 2014 and the issues that will top the corporate IT agenda. As Mr Osborne claims triumphantly that we are emerging from austerity, the focus for us all will be less on cost-cutting and more on getting our IT estates in order, making the most of what we have and carefully identifying where we need to allocate spend.

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Head of the cloud or head in the clouds?


A little learning is a dangerous thing, scribed poet Alexander Pope in 1711, possibly to distract his wife from improving her bible studies knowledge or honing her counterpoint skills. Three hundred years later and whilst most of us no longer frown upon a lady flashing her ankles nor rush to join a harpsichord recital, never could the statement be truer.

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What next for the Procurement Consultancy?


Sometimes it helps to have a fresh perspective on your business. Combine this with in-depth market intelligence, outstanding project management skills, supply management expertise and an ability to deliver fast results and it’s easy to see why organisations outsource major purchasing decisions to external consultants. Now, though, procurement consultants are under threat, as more and more businesses rein in costs and do their own research to aid decision making. Years spent paying millions of pounds to consulting companies have equipped businesses with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to go it alone. When it comes to IT in particular, we are so ensconced in a digital world that most of us feel we’re IT experts to some degree. In this world where vast amounts of intelligence are available in seconds, are IT procurement consultants falling out of favour? And if so, what can they do to reshape, regroup and reposition themselves in order to protect their future?

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